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Solar Leasing

Lease your solar system today!

Lease your solar system today

Citizenre launches the pilot phase of its solar lease program for the residential sector.

Packaged Approach Packaged Approach
Utility Price Parity Utility Price Parity
Fixed-Rate Fixed-Rate
Performance Guarantee Performance Guarantee
No Investment Risk No Investment Risk

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The Citizenre Corporation is an energy company preparing to compete in the 21st century energy landscape. We have entered the market as a developer of decentralized, customer-directed electricity infrastructure, using highly standardized business processes to deliver residential photovoltaic (PV) systems to customer homes at an industry-leading installation pace. PV is our entry product; products to follow will strengthen the customers' ability to save money, manage their energy use, replace polluting with non-polluting fuels, and place their own needs -- not those of their utilities -- at the core of their energy purchase and/or production decisions.

As we begin building out our national footprint, we are already offering renewable energy to the marketplace on a cost competitive basis. This positions us well to address the energy challenges of the 21st century - to truly minimize dependence upon foreign and fossil fuels, to install more environmentally friendly electricity generating assets, to deliver a higher degree of energy surety, and to realize a 21st century quality of life.

Corporate News

2011.03.29 | Citizenre Completes Solar Initiative in Redding, CA.

Representatives of Citizenre, executives of Redding Electric Utility and members of the Redding City Council gathered today to celebrate the successful completion of a recent solar leasing initiative in Redding, California. By capturing the local rebates between August 1 and September 30 2010, REU customers have contributed to the adoption of over 365kW of distributed photovoltaics. more

2011.02.09 | Citizenre Signs Development Agreement.

Citizenre today announced that it has received and executed a funding commitment with Adam Capital, a private investment fund based in Sonoma, CA. The agreement provides an initial $20 million, and subsequent funding rounds, over the next 18 months to fund Citizenre’s objective to install 15 megawatts (MW) in residential PV systems. more

2009.03.25 | Citizenre Meets US Secretary of Energy.

Citizenre joined 10 other national solar firms in a private meeting with the new Secretary of Energy Dr.Steven Chu. Citizenre CEO David C. Gregg was invited to attend this executives-only session along with some of the most established names in the solar industry: FirstSolar, Suntech, BP Solar, and seven others. more

2007.11.05 | Citizenre Solar on HGTV.

Citizenre Solar Rental showcased on HGTV's "Living with Ed" by installing a REnU Solar System on a young couple's home in Venice Beach, CA. The young family shows exactly why renting solar makes so much sense. He is a writer, she is a yoga instructor and their first baby is due anytime. Leasing Solar under Citizenre's terms represents the ideal solution. more

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